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  • Lawyer Talarico Alessandro
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  • Lawyer Talarico Alessandro

Welcome to Studio Legale Talarico

The Legal firm Studio Legale Talarico is headquartered in Turin, and holds an extensive network of offices in Milan, Rome, Paris and other European and South American countries.

These varied locations assure a broad international outlook, which over the years has also forged important partnerships in Dubai and São Paulo (Brazil).

Business internationalisation

Business internationalisation and legal assistance for relocating your business with ongoing support including when abroad.

Family Law

Legal assistance for all issues relating to family relationships, marital relationships, and relationships with children.

Labour Law

Legal proceedings to manage the professional relationship between employers and employees or workers. Dismissal and alleged workplace harassment.

Sports Law

Litigation relating to sports law and legal aid in the area of sports, including sports contracts, sponsorship and marketing.

Commercial Law

Agreements and business activities (bankruptcy, debt instruments such as cheques and bills of exchange, regulating business contracts).

International Law

Cross-border legal assistance, civil law and business law, matters concerning private, substantive and procedural international law.

Insurance Law

Advice on insurance matters and managing relations between insured parties and the companies. In-court and out-of-court damages.

Consumer Protection Law

Consumer protection law and defending the rights of the public and consumers of goods and services. Managing consumer agreements.

corporate law

Company training, management and dissolution. Corporate law advice for small and medium-sized enterprises and assistance in relations between companies.

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